Cosmos Team Meeting Copenhagen 2018

Main Auditorium (Geological Museum)

Main Auditorium

Geological Museum

Øster Voldgade 5 - 7, 1350 København

We are pleased to announce the 2018 COSMOS Team Meeting to be held in the Auditorium of the Geological Museum in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The meeting will take place from Thursday, June 28th to Saturday, June 30th 2018.

The Cosmological Evolution Survey (COSMOS) is an astronomical survey designed to probe the formation and evolution of galaxies as a function of cosmic time (redshift) and large scale structure environment. The COSMOS survey involves almost 100 scientists in a dozen countries. Every member is welcome to participate in the meeting and to submit an abstract for an oral contribution.

Register for COSMOS Team Meeting Copenhagen 2018
  • Akke Viitanen
  • Andreas Faisst
  • Andrew Battisti
  • Annagrazia Puglisi
  • Antonello Calabro'
  • Bahram Mobasher
  • Brittany Vanderhoof
  • Cameron Hummels
  • Carlos Gómez-Guijarro
  • Chiara D'Eugenio
  • Chris Hayward
  • Conor McPartland
  • Daichi Kashino
  • Daizhong Liu
  • David Sanders
  • Dieuwertje van der Vlugt
  • Eleni Vardoulaki
  • Eric Faustino Jiménez-Andrade
  • Francesca Fornasini
  • Francesco Valentino
  • Georgios Magdis
  • Ghassem Gozaliasl
  • Henry Joy Mc CRACKEN
  • Hervé Aussel
  • Hiddo Algera
  • Hosein Hashemizadeh
  • iary davidzon
  • Isabella Cortzen
  • Istvan Szapudi
  • Ivan Delvecchio
  • Jabran Zahid
  • Jeyhan Kartaltepe
  • Johannes Staguhn
  • John Silverman
  • Jorge Zavala
  • Karen Olsen
  • Kevin Cooke
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Khee-Gan Lee
  • Martin Sparre
  • Masato Onodera
  • Michael Rich
  • Mikkel Stockmann
  • Nick Scoville
  • Nico Cappelluti
  • Olivier Ilbert
  • Olivier Kauffmann
  • Olivier Le Fevre
  • Peter Capak
  • Rebecca Larson
  • Rhythm Shimakawa
  • Sarah Leslie
  • Shoubaneh Hemmati
  • Siwei Zou
  • Sune Toft
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