Simons Program: Toward a Mathematical Home for our Classical Phenomenome


Wanted: a mathematical home for our out-of-equilibrium world. Can Wigner's friend and holography cure Boltzmann's Brain?

Many otherwise plausible cosmologies suffer from a Boltzmann brain problem, with spurious local recurrences swamping "correct" global ones. What properties can help physical models avoid this problem? A resolution may involve understanding the emergence and perspective of "Wigner's friends"---subsystems with possibly evanescent classical experiences---within a larger unitarily evolving quantum system, as well the interplay between gravity and locality on which the global/local distinction depends.

Participation is open, but speakers are by invitation only. If you register for the workshop please note that due to space limitations you have not been accepted before you have received confirmation from NBIA Administrative Officer Jane Elvekjaer.

The meeting will take place in the historical Auditorium A of the Niels Bohr Institute.

We start on Tuesday, 29th of October, at 9.50 am. A more detailed schedule can be found in the Programme section. 



This workshop is part of the Simons Program around Charles Bennett. It is organized by the Niels Bohr International Academy (NBIA) and the Villum Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH)  at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The organizers are:

Andreas Albrecht
Charles Bennett
Matthias Christandl
Poul Henrik Damgaard
Christoph Hirche
Albert H. Werner

Administrative support: Jane Elvekjær


Group picture

[1] Alex Bols

[2] Christoph Hirche

[3] Albert H. Werner

[4] Daniel Stilck Franca

[5] Maxime Saovy

[6] Lucas Hackl

[7] Jess Riedel

[8] Vincent Steffan

[9] Matthias Christandl

[10] Charles H Bennett

[11] Andreas Albrecht

[12] Andrew Arrasmith

[13] Leonid Levin


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