Second Annual Niels Bohr International Academy Workshop on Neutron Science : Bridging Elastic and Inelastic Scattering by means of Computational Studies and Analysis

Aud. A (The Niels Bohr International Academy)

Aud. A

The Niels Bohr International Academy

Blegdamsvej 17 2100 København Ø Denmark
The aim of this workshop-school is to discuss how a reliable picture of “where the atoms are and what the atoms do” can be obtained by combining structural experiments, obtained using x-ray and neutron diffraction, with computational methods, such as Reverse Monte Carlo, needed for understanding complex or disordered structures with inelastic neutron scattering experiments and their interpretation by quantum chemical calculations on periodic systems and molecular dynamics simulations.
The main focus of the discussions will be on the use of theoretical simulations (both empirical and ab-initio) for the detailed, atomic level interpretation experimental data from X-ray and neutron diffraction as well as inelastic neutron scattering, on the structure and dynamics in a wide range of materials.
Each topic will be introduced by a motivational or tutorial talk on a selected scientific achievement, in such a way all participants can gain a broader notion of the benefits of the approaches discussed. Basic information on the complementary properties of the different types of techniques, their data interpretation, as well as information on recent applications and developments will also be given.
The students will be assigned to a small project and will be guided by the respective lecturers to a solution. The results from the students’ projects will be presented in a short oral session. In parallel with, and following the school we plan to hold a small but intensive scientific meeting on carefully selected topics of relevance to the school and of current interest with extensive discussion between experimental and computational scientists.
  • Alan Soper
  • Alexander Karlberg
  • Alisa Ivanenko
  • Andrew Cairns
  • Andrew D. Jackson
  • Anna Katerinopoulou
  • Arno Hiess
  • Breogan Pato
  • Brian Thorsbro
  • C. Austen Angell
  • Callum Young
  • Daria Noferini
  • David Keen
  • Davide Orsi
  • Denis MORINEAU
  • Dimitri Argyriou
  • Donald Engelman
  • Federica Migliardo
  • Gitte Michelsen
  • Glyn Cobourne
  • Heloisa Bordallo
  • Henrik Jacobsen
  • Humphrey Morhenn
  • Jernej Stare
  • Johan Jacobsen
  • Juergen Eckert
  • Kim Lefmann
  • Kristine Niss
  • Mads Bertelsen
  • Matt Tucker
  • Mauro Boero
  • Morten Sales
  • Neal Skipper
  • Nikolaos Tsapatsaris
  • Oliver Alderman
  • Pascale Deen
  • Pia Jensen
  • Renata Bordallo
  • Robert Feidenhans'l
  • Simon Kimber
  • Sindra Petersson Årsköld
  • Sonja Holm
  • Tejs Vegge
  • Thomas Rod
  • Torben Schindler
  • Udby Linda
  • Valentino Russo
  • Veronica Gray
  • Vicky Doan-Nguyen
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