Nordic Winter School on Cosmology and Particle Physics 2017

Thon Hotel Skeikampen

Thon Hotel Skeikampen

Hotellvegen 3 2652 Svingvoll NORWAY
Kim Splittorff (NBI), Mads Søgaard (NBI), N. E. J Bjerrum-Bohr (NBIA, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen), Poul Henrik Damgaard (Niels Bohr Institute), Subir Sarkar (NBI Copenhagen and University of Oxford)



The purpose of the Nordic Winter School is to introduce PhD and advanced Master's students to selected hot topics in cosmology and particle physics. It will be held at the Thon Hotel Skeikampen, approximately 40 kilometers north of Lillehammer (200 km north from Oslo). You can find details about the area here.

List of lecturers:

Philipp Mertsch: "Multimessenger astrophysics and dark matter searches"

Niels Obers: "Black Holes and the Information Paradox"

Kari Rummukainen: "Numerical Approaches to Phase Transitions in Cosmology"

Veronica Sanz: "Beyond Standard Model Physics, Dark matter and all that"

Subir Sarkar: "QCD and high energy cosmic neutrinos"

Matthew Schwartz: "Introduction to Collider Physics"

Giulia Zanderighi: "Modern Approaches for Calculations at the LHC"

The school is limited to 40 students from the Nordic countries, and is subject to a selection. We expect to be able to cover all local costs + transportation between Oslo Airport and the hotel. Young post-docs are encouraged to participate as well. Exceptionally talented M.Sc. students can apply too.

Exceptionally qualified students from outside the region may be admitted on a case by case basis, and on the assumption that they can have their expenses covered by other sources.


Monday the 2nd and Saturday the 7th will be days of travel, and bus transportation will be arranged from/to Oslo Airport Gardermoen on these dates. If you're accepted at the school, you should plan so that you can catch the bus at 2:00 PM on Jan. 2nd, and have a return flight no earlier than 1:00 PM on the 7th. Lectures will be held on Tuesday through Friday, with free time in the middle of the day for outdoor activities like cross-country and downhill skiing.

The school is sponsored by the Discovery Center (NBI), the Lundbeck Foundation, Det Frie Forskningsråd, Natur og Univers (Mads Søgaard), The Danish National Research Foundation (Subir Sarkar), and the Niels Bohr International Academy (NBIA).
  • Adam Mielke
  • Alexander Pedersen Lind
  • Anders Andreassen
  • Anders Schreiber
  • Andreas Helset
  • Anette Studsgård
  • Asger Ipsen
  • Augustinas Malinauskas
  • Ben Meiring
  • Carl Niblaeus
  • Christian Baadsgaard Jepsen
  • Christian Marboe
  • Edgar Kellermann
  • Eemeli Tomberg
  • Eirik Sæther Hatlen
  • Emil Bols
  • Emil Have
  • Emma Slade
  • Eric Corrigan
  • Eva Hansen
  • Fabian Alexander Jürgen Thiele
  • Freja Thoresen
  • Gitte Elgaard Clausen
  • Giulia Zanderighi
  • Hans Heum
  • Henri Jukkala
  • Inga Strümke
  • Jack Rolph
  • Jeriek Van den Abeele
  • Joona Havukainen
  • Kari Rummukainen
  • Keijo Kajantie
  • Khalil Idiab
  • Kim Splittorff
  • Kristian Bjørke
  • Laura Martikainen
  • Mads Sogaard
  • Marieke van Beest
  • Matthew Schwartz
  • Meera Vieira Machado
  • Milena Bajic
  • Morten Medici
  • N. Emil J. Bjerrum-Bohr
  • Nicholas Jennings
  • Niels Obers
  • Philipp Mertsch
  • Poul Henrik Damgaard
  • Rinku Kumar prajapat
  • Robert Glastad
  • Santeri Laurila
  • Sebastian Baum
  • Simen Hellesund
  • Sissel Bay Nielsen
  • Steffen Maeland
  • Subir Sarkar
  • Therkel Andreas Zøllner Olesen
  • Thorbjørn Louring Koch
  • Trine Poulsen
  • Veronica Sanz
  • Veronica Sølund Kirsebom
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