Evolution of Diversity

The Les Houches Physics School

The Les Houches Physics School

Ecole de Physique des Houches La Côte des Chavants F-74310 Les Houches FRANCE
At all scales, biology presents an astounding diversity of discrete states or species, that coexist over  time-scales much longer than the characteristic times of the underlying degrees of freedom. Degrees of freedom that ranges from protein to population numbers.  On the sub-cellular scale, molecular competition and positive feedback acting on short time scales maintain cells in  specialized states, setting the foundation for complexity of multicellular organisms. On larger scales, competition in turn selects for ecosystems where different species coexist over long intervals of time. 

This general pattern calls for research with a focus on diversity, and how competition can act as its ``engine".  Statistical mechanics of complex systems provides a framework for studying universality of collective and cooperative phenomena, usually assuming the simplicity of identical agents.  
The meeting should facilitate new initiatives in exploration of the origin and sustainability of diversity, using the methodology from physics applied to model systems from biology. 

  • Ala Trusina
  • Aleksandra Walczak
  • Alex Blokhuis
  • Andrea Kadović
  • Armita Nourmohammad
  • Ayan Biswas
  • Bahram Houchmandzadeh
  • Basile Nguyen
  • Cecilia Lövkvist
  • Chikara Furusawa
  • Clément NIZAK
  • David LACOSTE
  • David Muramatsu
  • Elena Tea Russo
  • Erik Aurell
  • Erwin Frey
  • Gabriel Birzu
  • Gorm Gruner Jensen
  • Guilhem Doulcier
  • Heng LU
  • Hiroyuki Noji
  • Hong-Yan Shih
  • Huixia Ren
  • Irene Chen
  • Jan O. Haerter
  • Jonas Søgaard Juul
  • Jumpei Yamagishi
  • Kenji OKUBO
  • Kim Sneppen
  • Kunihiko Kaneko
  • Luca Peliti
  • Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino
  • Marco Ribezzi Crivellari
  • Martin Howard
  • Martin Weigt
  • Martina Iapichino
  • Masahiko Ueda
  • Masashi Kajita
  • Mathias Luidor Heltberg
  • Matteo Smerlak
  • Michael Lässig
  • Mingyue Zhang
  • Mogens Jensen
  • Namiko Mitarai
  • Nicholas Croucher
  • Philipp Geiger
  • Philippe Nghe
  • Rasmus Skytte Eriksen
  • Remi Monasson
  • Roberto Mulet
  • Sandeep Krishna
  • Seppe Kuehn
  • Sergei Maslov
  • Silas Boye Nissen
  • Simona Cocco
  • Simone Pigolotti
  • So Nakashima
  • Stefan Bornholdt
  • Steven Schulz
  • Tetsuhiro Hatakeyama
  • Tetsuya Kobayashi
  • Thierry Mora
  • Tong Wang
  • Tsvi Tlusty
  • Ulrich Gerland
  • Vinko Zlatic
  • yannick rondelez
  • Yoshiya Matsubara
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