Simons Program: Current Themes in High Energy Physics and Cosmology -- Physics and Astrophysics in the Era of Gravitational Wave Detection

from Monday, 19 August 2019 (08:59) to Friday, 23 August 2019 (22:00)
Niels Bohr Institute (Auditorium A)

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19 Aug 2019
20 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019
22 Aug 2019
23 Aug 2019
10:00 Testing GR with GWs - Vitor Cardoso   (Auditorium A)
11:30 Precision Gravity: LHC to LISA - Rafael Porto   (Auditorium A)
10:00 (Re)Connecting General Relativity with Cosmology - Anna Ijjas   (Auditorium A)
11:30 Session 6 - Paul Steinhardt   (Auditorium A)
10:00 Effective Theory of Black Hole Horizons - Ira Rothstein   (Auditorium A)
11:30 Classical and Quantum Gravitational Scattering and the General Relativistic Two-Body Problem - Thibault Damour   (Auditorium A)
10:00 Dynamical Formation of Black Hole Mergers - Johan Samsing   (Auditorium A)
11:30 The seismology of Love: the impact of tides on neutron star binary signals - Nils Andersson   (Auditorium A)
10:00 State-of-the-art 3D Supernova Explosion Simulations - Adam Burrows   (Auditorium A)
11:30 Dark Matter, Nuclear Physics, Gravitation... and Murder: the r-process as a probe of primordial black hole capture-induced neutron star implosion - George Fuller   (Auditorium A)
14:00 What have we learned about binary neutron stars since the discovery of GW170817? - Duncan Brown   (Auditorium A)
15:00 Properties of Binary Neutron Stars as Gravitational Wave Sources - Thomas Tauris   (Auditorium A)
14:00 Simulations of Accreting Binary Supermassive Black Holes Approaching Merger - Manuela Campanelli   (Auditorium A)
15:00 Gravitational waves & exploring possible deviations in strong field/dynamical scenarios - Luis Lehner   (Auditorium A)
14:00 Searching for Continuous Gravitational Waves - Alessandra Papa   (Auditorium A)
15:00 Parametrized black hole ringdown and black hole scalarization - Emanuele Berti   (Auditorium A)
14:00 The Fermi/GBM as gamma-ray transient monitor and more - Jochen Greiner   (Auditorium A)
15:00 Detecting Gravitational waves on the public O1/O2 data - Barak Zackay   (Auditorium A)
14:00 First Direct Image of a Black Hole - Paul Ho   (Auditorium A)