14-18 November 2011
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

Preparation material

Under preparation

Computing equipment

All students are asked to come with their own laptops. If you really do not have a laptop for this week, then inform us immediately and we see how we can help (worst case is you will have to pair with another student during the exercise sessions). Please write xella@nbi.dk and hansen@dark-cosmology.dk.

Software needed

During the computer exercises we will extensively use the ROOT package, see ROOT web page . You are strongly advised to download on your laptop the version 5.24 of ROOT for your operative system, which can be downloaded here
(for Windows: use the packaging type MSI. for Unix/Linux: to setup environment variables to start ROOT read the file under root/README/README).

In order to be ready for the computer exercises, please try the basic tutorial macro benchmarks.C  under the tutorials/ directory. When you are in ROOT interactive session, just type: .x tutorials/benchmarks.C . If this does not work, then ask people around in your group or us.  Additional tutorials , if you feel adventurous, are in this page .
Ask for help if you have problems getting started, write an email to xella@nbi.dk.

For the more curious students, some of the tools we will use in the computer exercises are developed in ROOFIT Toolkit. Some tutorials to get started can be found at tutorials_index .

Please ensure that you have a working compiler, for C/C++ and if possible also fortran.

For the second part of the course it could be an advantage to have installed a algebra/plotting package, such as Mathematica/Maple or Matlab/IDL.

Some Literature

Laptops at the Niels Bohr Institute

The use of a laptop at the institute is described here . You will receive the password to access the local network from the organizers when the school starts.

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