7-17 April 2008
Niels Bohr International Academy
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

Classical Effective Field Theory and Non-Relativistic Gravitation

12 Apr 2008, 10:20
Aud. A (Niels Bohr International Academy)

Aud. A

Niels Bohr International Academy

Blegdamsvej 17 2100 Copenhagen Denmark


Barak Kol (Jerusalem)


I shall discuss an improvement to the (Classical) Effective Field Theory approach to the non-relativistic or Post-Newtonian approximation of General Relativity. The "potential metric field" is decomposed through a temporal Kaluza-Klein ansatz into three NRG-fields: a scalar identified with the Newtonian potential, a 3-vector corresponding to the gravito-magnetic vector potential and a 3-tensor. The derivation of the Einstein-Infeld-Hoffmann Lagrangian simplifies such that each term corresponds to a single Feynman diagram providing a clear physical interpretation. Spin interactions are associated with the gravito-magnetic field. Leading correction diagrams corresponding to the 3PN correction to the spin-spin interaction and the 2.5PN correction to the spin-orbit interaction will be presented.

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