Keynote Speakers and Panels

Keynote Speakers :

Andreas Salzburger, CERN, staff member and expert in Machine Learning for computational advances in Particle Physics. 

Jonathan Taylor, ESS, Head of Management and Software Center Division at the European Spallation Source, Sweden.

Anders Bjorholm Dahl, DTU Compute,  Head of Section of DTU Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Iary Davidzon, DAWN , MSCA Fellow at the Niels Bohr Institute

Panel members :

Parallel session 1: Themes: ML in hardware, and in Experiment control and design

Alberto Nannarelli (DTU/compute) - chair

Andreas Salzburger (CERN)

Stefania Xella (KU/Physics)

Alessandra Camplani (KU/Physics)

Oswin Krause (KU/DIKU)

Parallel session 2: Themes: Data collection, reduction and analysis

Lamar Moore (STFC) - chair

Iary Davidson (KU/Physics)

Markus Ahlers (KU/Physics)

Juan Carlos Santana (KU)

Celine Durniac (ESS)

Toby Perring (STFC)

Jon Taylor (ESS)

Jos Cooper (ISIS)

Mark Hagen

Parallel session 3: Techniques: Unsupervised and reinforced learning

Iary Davidson (KU/Physics) - chair

Juan Manuel Loaiza (JCNS)

Jos Copper (ISIS)

Oleg Ruchayskyi (KU/Physics)

Mark Hagen

Parallel session 4: Techniques: deep NN

Troels Petersen (KU/Physics) - chair

Toby Perring (STFC)

Haixing Fang (DTU)

Oswin Krause (DIKU/KU)

Maher Sahyoun (AU)