Aug 1 – 5, 2022
Niels Bohr Institute
Europe/Copenhagen timezone


The week of August 1-5, 2022, Niels Bohr International Academy will host a follow-up scientific meeting to the Bohr-100 public events. The meeting will take place in the historic Auditorium A of the Niels Bohr Institute and, in keeping with the 100-year old tradition, there will be no fixed scientific topic.

The idea is to provide a stimulating environment with few talks per day, but plenty of time for informal discussions. A broad range of topics will be addressed. 

During the meeting (on Wednesday, August 3rd at 3:30 PM, see also the schedule below), Paul Steinhardt will be presented the Niels Bohr Institute Medal of Honor, followed by a talk by Paul Steinhardt entitled "The Second Kind of Impossible".

Participants and speakers include:

Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS, Princeton), Zvi Bern (UCLA), Jacob Bourjaily (NBI & Penn State), David Broadhurst (Open U.), Clifford Cheung (Caltech), Claudia de Rham (Imperial), Paolo Di Vecchia (Nordita & NBI), Vitor Cardoso (NBI and IST Lisbon), Michael Green (Cambridge), David Gross (KITP), Hofie Hannesdottir (IAS), Sebastian Mizera (IAS, Princeton), Slava Mukhanov (Munich), Julio Parra-Martinez (Caltech), Sabrina Pasterski (Perimeter), Alexander Polyakov (Princeton), Paul Steinhardt (Princeton), Gerard 't Hooft (Utrecht), Pierre Vanhove (IPHT, Saclay), Gabriele Veneziano (CERN), Alexander Zhiboedov (CERN)

Organizers: Emil Bjerrum-Bohr, Jacob Bourjaily, Poul H. Damgaard, Hjalte Frellesvig, Matt von Hippel, Robin Marzucca, Anne Spiering, Jan Thomsen, Cristian Vergu

Niels Bohr Institute
Auditorium A
Blegdamsvej 17 DK-2100 Copenhagen