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May 16 – 19, 2022
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Instructions for presenters

If you have a talk at WCO2,

you can find your time slot in the timetable. Each time slot is 15 minutes long, to be ideally used for a 12 minute talk + 3 minute discussion.

You can use your own laptop on the day of your presentation; or bring your slides on a USB stick (pdf, Powerpoint, or Keynote); or use this link to upload your slides beforehand (filename starting with your last name).

Please find us at the latest in the break before your session to prepare your presentation (testing USB, testing slides and laptop). The preferred time would be during the lunch breaks.



If you are presenting a poster at WCO2, 

you can find the poster pitch and poster session time slots in the timetable. You are expected to stand by your poster in the poster session happening on the same day as your poster pitch. All posters will be up all days: They can be put up from 9am on Monday and should be taken down on Wednesday after the last poster session.

Please prepare your poster in landscape format (poster boards measure 146cm in width and 118.5cm in height).

Poster pitches: It will be great to hear about your work before we go to the poster session! To facilitate this we have arranged two slots for poster pitches on Monday (16th) and Tuesday (17th), we’ll advertise the allocations to these slots when the workshop starts.

You will have the opportunity to advertise your poster in a pitch of less than 2 minutes. We have created a Powerpoint template that you should use. It consists of 4 slides; 1 title slide (used while we switch presenters) and 3 slides for content. Each slide is set to automatically advance after 30 seconds - please don’t change the timings. You’re welcome to only use a single slide (in which case we’ll update the timings for you).

You can find the poster pitch template here.

Please edit your title, authors and add any content you like. You don’t have to worry about adding the poster number, we will update these and share a list of all contributed posters.

Upload your poster pitch presentation (deadline Fri, May 13th), using the following link (filename starting with your last name).

If you do not provide a poster pitch presentation, we will display the title etc. of your poster as default.