Sep 26 – 28, 2022
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

Scattering amplitudes are essential for making predictions in particle physics, and are increasingly being recognized as objects of deep mathematical fascination. This workshop aims to bring together specialists on various aspects of the mathematical structure exhibited by amplitudes---in particular, on the types of elliptic integrals that appear in amplitude calculations, and on the application of intersection theory to these calculations---with researchers experienced with bootstrap techniques for determining the functional form of loop-level amplitudes from knowledge of their analytic and algebraic properties. The goal is to stimulate further interaction between these communities, in order to pave the way towards bootstrap calculations involving elliptic integrals. 

The workshop will take place at the Niels Bohr Institute (Blegdamsvej 17, 2100 København). Participation is by invitation only, although interested individuals can contact the organizers to inquire about additional capacity. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Christoph Dlapa
  • Cristian Vergu
  • Einan Gardi
  • Ekta Chaubey
  • James Drummond
  • Marcus Spradlin
  • Nikhil Kalyanapuram
  • Oliver Schlotterer
  • Roger Morales Espasa
  • Simone Zoia
  • Stefan Weinzierl
  • Vsevolod Chestnov


Hotel arrangements will be made by the NBIA for all external participants.


Andrew McLeod
Hjalte Frellesvig


We gratefully acknowledge financial support from both the Carlsberg Foundation and the Niels Bohr Institute.

Application for this event is currently open.