24-28 August 2009
Niels Bohr International Academy
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

MICRA 2009

Microphysics in Computational Relativistic Astrophysics

This workshop will bring together leading and younger researchers in the field of numerical modeling and microscopic physics of matter and radiation at high densities where effects of general relativity play a central role.

The topics covered will include improved microscopic physics inputs (neutrino-matter interactions, equations of state, thermonuclear reaction rates) and computational methods (GRMHD, radiation transport, reaction networks) with an emphasis on approaches that allow for efficient implementation of the improvements in multi-D simulations of relativistic astrophysical systems.
Niels Bohr International Academy
Aud. A
Niels Bohr Institute Blegdamsvej 17 DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark
Scientific Advisory Committee: D. Arnett, A. Brandenburg, A. Burrows, J. Centrella, W. Haxton, J. Lattimer, K.-H. Langanke, A. Nordlund, S. Reddy, and K. Sato
Local Organizing Committee:J. T. Frederiksen, C. D. Ott, C. Pethick