Ultracold Atoms and Quark-Gluon Plasmas




The Niels Bohr International Academy and NORDITA

(Photo courtesy A. D. Jackson) This workshop will consider a number of problems common to strongly interacting cold atomic gases and systems of quarks and gluons. For example, in both cases experimental information is obtained by analysing the products of expansion of a strongly interacting fluid. In both, crossover phenomena occur, between atoms and molecules, and between quarks and hadrons, or quarks and quark pairs. In addition, physical problems of current interest in the individual fields will be considered. Two such themes are cold gases in optical lattices, and Fermi gases with resonant interactions. Space is limited. If you would like to participate in the workshop, before registering please send an e-mail to nbsi@nbi.dk to obtain confirmation that there is room. Scientific advisory committee: T.-L. (Jason) Ho (Ohio State U.) Jani-Petri Martikainen (Nordita) Tetsuo Matsui (U. of Tokyo) Stephanie Reimann (Lund) Kalle-Antti Suominen (Turku) Martin Zwierlein (MIT). Local organizing committee: Gordon Baym (U. of Illinois and NBI) baym [at] nbi.dk Georg Bruun (Niels Bohr Institute), bruungmb [at] fys.ku.dk Chris Pethick (Nordita), pethick [at] nbi.dk Kim Splittorff (Niels Bohr Institute), split [at] nbi.dk Henrik Smith (Niels Bohr Institute), hsmith [at] fys.ku.dk Conference secretary: Helle Kiilerich (NBIA), helle [at] nbi.dk Sponsored by: the Niels Bohr International Academy and Nordita.
  • Achim Schwenk
  • Alain Aspect
  • Alan Luther
  • Alessio Recati
  • Anders SØrensen
  • Andre Wenz
  • Andrew Hilliard
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Andrey Turlapov
  • Anna Kubasiak
  • Anna Maria Rey
  • Austen Lamacraft
  • Ben Mottelson
  • Benoit Vanderheyden
  • Christoforos Kouvaris
  • Christoph Westbrook
  • Christopher Pethick
  • David Guery-Odelin
  • Edward Taylor
  • Eric Braaten
  • Eugene Demler
  • Eugene Polzik
  • Evgeni Kolomeitsev
  • Francesca Ferlaino
  • Franck Laloe
  • Gennady LYKASOV
  • Gentaro Watanabe
  • Georg Bruun
  • Giancarlo Strinati
  • Gordon Baym
  • Helle Kiilerich
  • Henk Stoof
  • Henning Heiselberg
  • Henrik Smith
  • Jan W. Thomsen
  • Jani-Petri Martikainen
  • Jean-Paul Blaizot
  • Jens Jørgen GaardhØje
  • Jens Oluf Andersen
  • Joseph Carlson
  • Kasper Therkildsen
  • Kathryn Levin
  • Kenji Maeda
  • Kim Splittorff
  • Klemens Hammerer
  • Luis Santos
  • Maria Paola Lombardo
  • Mark Alford
  • Markus Holzmann
  • Martin Zwierlein
  • Masahito Ueda
  • Michael Wolf
  • Ming He
  • Nathan Goldman
  • Patrick Windpassinger
  • Patrik Öhberg
  • Peter Hannaford
  • Peter Orland
  • Peter Zoller
  • Pierbiagio Pieri
  • Pietro Massignan
  • Poul Henrik Damgaard
  • Qi Zhou
  • Randall Hulet
  • Sebastian Diehl
  • Selim Jochim
  • Shina Tan
  • Stefano Giorgini
  • Sungkit Yip
  • Tetsuo Hatsuda
  • Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho
  • Tomas Brauner
  • Tomi Paananen
  • Yoji Ohashi
  • Zhenhua Yu
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