Nonlinear Electron Transport in Nano-Junctions

The Niels Bohr Institute

The Niels Bohr Institute

Blegdamsvej 17 DK-2100 Copenhagen
Jens Paaske (Niels Bohr Institutttet), Karsten Flensberg (Niels Bohr Institutttet)

This workshop focuses on the problem of nonequilibrium electron transport through nano-scale single-electron transistors. In recent years, the intense experimental scrutiny of gated quantum dots, or single conjugated molecules, contacted by source, and drain electrodes has uncovered a large number of interesting nonlinear transport phenomena. These phenomena are driven by the finite source-drain bias applied across the nano-junctions, and in many respects we are facing an entirely new class of quantum impurity problems, in which the quantum-states of the ‘impurity’ are no longer thermally occupied. The aim of the workshop is to discuss the salient features in the ‘bias-spectroscopy’ of such nano-structures by assessing the relevant physical mechanisms, such as electron correlations, interference, multiple orbitals, spin or vibrational degrees of freedom, involved e.g. in inelastic cotunneling, negative-differential resistance and Kondo-effect. Furthermore, we wish to address the methodological aspect by discussions of the theoretical tools available for controlled calculations on systems out of equilibrium.

  • Aditi Mitra
  • Akira Oguri
  • Alfred Zawadowski
  • Andreas Weichselbaum
  • Brian M. Andersen
  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Charles M. Marcus
  • Christian Flindt
  • Claudio Verdozzi
  • Denis Feinberg
  • Felix von Oppen
  • Frithjof Anders
  • Gergely Zarand
  • Hector Mera
  • Herbert Schoeller
  • Herre van der Zant
  • Jesper Nygard
  • Johann Kroha
  • Jonas Pedersen
  • Jong Han
  • Jürgen König
  • Klaus Ensslin
  • Kristen kaasbjerg
  • Laszlo Borda
  • Maarten Wegewijs
  • Mathias Lunde
  • Michael Galperin
  • Michael Pustilnik
  • Michael Thorwart
  • Per Hedegård
  • Peter Schmitteckert
  • Peter Woelfle
  • Rasmus Hvass Hansen
  • Reinhold Egger
  • Serge Florens
  • Stefan Kehrein
  • Stephan Weiss
  • Tomas Novotny
  • Verena Koerting
  • Vitaly Golovach
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