8-21 September 2018
Tartu, Estonia
Europe/Tallinn timezone

Practical information

This is a map over all the sites in Tartu where things are taking place such as the venue adress etc. 

Lunch will be served each day. There will also be breaks with coffee and tea.

The currency used in Estonia is Euros. 
Almost all shops accept credit cards, e.g. Visa and MasterCard.

The conference center is located at the hotel: V Spa Hotel & Conference Centre. Use of the spa facilities at the hotel is not included in the accomodation.

If you wish to do some sightseing in Tartu, the city center and most of Tartu can easely be explored be feet.  

There is free public wifi in most of Tartu.

As part of the summer school there will be a reception to welcome all of you to the summer school on the 9th September. There will also be a gala-dinner on the 14th September.

September 15th will serve as a day off from the summer school. The school offers one leasure activities on this day:

- A trip to the adventure park Otepää http://www.seikluspark.ee/en/

Registration for leasure day activities will be handled at the summer school.