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Sep 17 – 18, 2012
The Niels Bohr International Academy
Europe/Copenhagen timezone
The high intensity spallation neutron source ESS is well set to start construction in 2013 and to deliver first neutrons in 2019. After about 20 years of discussions, the determination of the user community and those working in national and international neutron laboratories in Europe is going to turn the project into reality!
Now it is time to start getting ready to harness the scientific potential of ESS. In recent years it has been realized that the combination of simulations of physical systems together with neutron scattering data, is an immensely powerful in various key areas of modern research; the glass transition in soft matter, the relaxation phenomena in biomolecules, high temperature superconductivity, chemistry of concrete, protein dynamics and function, to name a few examples.
This workshop brings together experts from different fields with the intent in reviewing and discussing the development of a theoretical and computational modeling infrastructure that is relevant to the diverse scientific community that will use ESS. Our aim is to use this workshop as an input to our planning so that once the first experiments are made, ESS and its users are prepared to harness the most out of the scientific potential of their data.
The workshop will take place on September 17 and 18, 2012 at The Niels Bohr International Academy in Copenhagen, and should allow plenty time for discussions. We hope to come out of the meeting with innovative and enthusiastic ideas leading to new and successful collaborations.
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