Aug 2 – 8, 2015
Europe/Copenhagen timezone
Certificates are available for those registered as a student. If you have not received an e-mail containing the access key, contact Namiko Mitarai.

Program can be downloarded from the link "Program" at the bottom of this page.

We are sorry but we reached the maximum number of participants and we cannot accept more (26 June, 2015).

The riddles of life challenge us to invent new paradigms. With a focus on simple conceptual and quantitative models, this meeting aims to strengthen the inventiveness in modelling biology across all scales. Speakers are encouraged to present new ideas, theories, and inspiring thoughts. The topics include themes from dynamics of gene expression and regulation, spatio-temporal dynamics, epigenetics, bet-hedging, evolution and the many seemingly different solutions that life has found to solve a given type of problem. The challenge is to find out what we can do with all the many things we have learned from biology, and how this can be used to improve our thinking.

Although the formal outline of the meeting is a summers chool, we plan to have many relatively short talks (25 min each), thereby assuring both diversity and ample time for informal discussions outside the formal schedule.

The meeting marks the end of our current funding for the Center for Models of Life, an interdisciplinary center devoted to theory building inspired by the biological model organisms of phage, E.coli, yeast and simple mammalian sub-systems.

Students and other interested scientists are encouraged to participate, with a cost of 600 Euro for the full school including food and lodging. Limited funding is available for a waiver of this cost. Total participation is limited to 90 lecturers and students. Posters are very welcome.

For application contact Hanne N. Christensen (norgaard at before june 1’st 2015.

ist of speakers:
Martin Ackermann,
Erik Aurell,
Madan Babu,

Stefan Bornholdt,
Tamas Czaran,
Anne Grapin-Botton,
Ken Dill,
Erwin Frey,
Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo,
Kenn Gerdes,
Nigel Goldenfeld,
Vincent Hakim,
Jan Härter
Martin Howard,
Marc Hutt,

Sanjai Jain,
Henrik Jonsson,
Kunihiko Kaneko,
Ben Kerr,
Stefan Klump,
Sandeep Krishna,
Joachim Krug,
Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino,
Michael Lassig,

Susanna C. Manrubia,
Sergei Maslov,
Mario Nicodemi,
Simone Pigolotti,
Szabolcs Semsey,
Lone Simonsen,

Tatsuo Shibata, 
G.V. Shivashankar,
Ricard Sole,
Joel Stavans,
Leihan Tang,

Guido Tiana,
Ala Trusina,
Genevieve Thon,
Aleksandra Walczak,
Jeroen van Zon.

*) Krogerup is located 40 km north of Copenhagen, close to the sea at Humlebæk. It is reached bydirect train from Copenhagen Airport (towards Helsingør). Arrival will be Sunday (August 2 ’nd) in afternoon/evening, and departure the following Saturday morning (August 8’th).
Dear participants, please remember to register!

On the arrival date (the 2nd August), Krogerup hojskole is open to us from 15:00. Dinner time is 18:00-19:00.
  • You need cash if you want to buy things (e.g., extra beers) at the school site. Bring some Danish kroner with you. (For many of you, it is easiest if you do it at the airport or the main station on your way to the school site. There is a bank close to Humlebæk station, if you did not have chance to get cash somewhere else.)
  • The school site is close to beach and forest. If interested bring swim suits and shoes for walking. (Reasonably good weather is predicted, with temperature around 15-20 Celsius.)
  • We encourange people to socialize and get to know each other during the school. If you have a good game and/or sport gear, please bring them!