Social Notes


On the weekend following the school (August 8-9) the Kulturehavn festival is on in city-center habour. See

School Pictures

Photos of the school can be posted online into the Facebook Group name: NBIA Summer School 2015

School Dinner

The school dinner will be held at Halifax (Trianglen location)
n Google maps: Map
The ordering process is a 5-step system. Please take a look at the take-away menu before we go to figure out how to do it, this will make life much easier for all of us!

Monday - Dinner Ideas
It is warm and sunny this evening, so it is a great time to eat outside. Nearby, try the Cofoco Le Marché (Østerbrogade 64, 2100 København Ø) for nordic food (about 100 DKK). Take that to the lakes, and find a spot that pleases you on the sunny side. The Dronning Louises Bridge is a popular area for locals to sit on a warm evening. You could also grab a pizza at one of the many pizza shops and take it to the lakes.Sapore D'Italia ( Blegdamsvej 41, 2200 København N) is the best pizza nearby (about 50-60 DKK). Alternately for a place with tables and servers, Cafe A, noted on the printed handout map as point C, is cheap cafe with a large outdoor seating area (60-100 DKK). In the direction of your hotel, there are many cafes and small bars along Blågårdsgade which spill out onto the pedestrian street. You can also consult the listing included with the syllabus for more ideas.  

Sightseeing Suggestions

General nightlife info
Bars are contentrated around Nørrebrogade/Blågårdsgade, City Centre, and in Vesterbro around Enghaveplads. Combinations of bars and clubs can be found in Kødbyen (Meat packing district, Vesterbro). Ask an organizer or local grad student for pointers. The map from is also a good guide.

The Niels Bohr archive has made available a guide to local science history in: "Historical Sites of Physical Science in Copenhagen"

There is also a guide to historical physics sites in the cite in the booklet
Physics Tour produced by the NBI communications section.


Statens Museum for Kunst
National Gallery of Denmark

The National Museum system has many free museums:
Hidden inside the conservatory, very close to the CABINN hotel, is a small and unusual one. The Danish Music Museum:

List of museums:
(A favorite is the Davids Sammling, with historical Danish interiors and islamic world art. Open until 21:00 on Wednesday, free.)

The New York Times says that a furniture and design shop down the street from the NBI is a "Treasure of Europe". Good place for a souvenir.