11-15 June 2018
Geological Museum, University of Copenhagen
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

Scientific Programme

  • What is dust?

    1. Observational constraints on dust properties
    2. Laboratory studies of cosmic dust
    3. Molecules and dust
  • The creation and evolution of dust

    1. Dust production by massive stars and supernovae
    2. Dust production in lower-mass stars
    3. Non-stellar dust production and the dust cycle in the ISM
  • Dust as a tool

    1. Dust in the early universe
    2. Dust as a probe in galaxies
    3. Dust in AGN
    4. Dust as a tracer in the Milky Way and local galaxies
  • Dust in planet-forming disks

    1. Grain growth and planet formation and debris disks
    2. Dust in the Solar System
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