Simons Program: Quantum Information in Cosmology

Auditorium A (Niels Bohr Institute)

Auditorium A

Niels Bohr Institute

Blegdamsvej 17 DK-2100 Copenhagen
Alexander Müller-Hermes (QMATH, University of Copenhagen)


This is the first meeting of our Simons Program for this spring, with meetings centered around the scientific interests of Simons Visiting Professor Charles Bennett. April 9-12 we are hosting a workshop on hot topics related to quantum information and cosmology.

The topics of the workshop include:

  • Emergence of classical phenomenology from quantum laws via decoherence (the "quantum Darwinism" or "spam" paradigm), which seems to require thermodynamic disequilibrium, but could perhaps occur without it.
  • Emergence of complex structures via fault tolerant error-correction and self-organization, again also seemingly requiring thermal disequilibrium, but perhaps possible without it
  • How to avoid the Boltzmann brain problem, which seems to plague cosmologies that equilibrate at nonzero temperature, either by finding a way to produce structures sufficiently organized to be anthropic observers even at equilibrium, or by finding  plausible cosmologies with a plentiful supply of disequilibrated places.
  • How to think about the experiences of an observer (Wigner's friend) within an unobserved superposition, which has become more than a philosophical conundrum because of its bearing on the Boltzmann brain problem.
  • How these problems might be complicated or mitigated by a mechanism for quantum emergence of spacetime.

The workshop is open, but participation is subject to invitation from the organizers. If you wish to participate, please send a mail to Anette Studsgaard (


  • Adam Brown
  • Adrian Kent
  • Ajit Coimbatore Balram
  • Albert H. Werner
  • Alexander Müller-Hermes
  • Andreas Albrecht
  • Andrzej Grudka
  • Angelo Lucia
  • Anton Samojlow
  • Asger Kjærulff Jensen
  • Charles H. Bennett
  • Chris Perry
  • David Poulin (remote participant)
  • David Sabonis
  • Elizabeth Crosson
  • Florian Speelman
  • Fulvio Gesmundo
  • Giacomo De Palma
  • Henry Stoltenberg
  • Jan Philip Solovej
  • Jedrzej Kaniewski
  • Jess Riedel
  • Johannes Borregaard
  • John Freemsn
  • John SMOLIN
  • Jonathan Oppenheim
  • Konstantinos Tsoukalas
  • Laura Mančinska
  • Matteo Lostaglio
  • Matthias Christandl
  • Maxime Savoy
  • Michael Kastoryano
  • Michał Horodecki
  • Nicholas Houghton-Larsen
  • Patrick Hayden (remote participant)
  • Paweł Mazurek
  • Peter Gacs
  • Poul Damgaard
  • Péter Vrana
  • Renato Renner
  • Robert Jonsson
  • Roberto Ferrara
  • Subodh Patil
  • Susannah Glickman (remote participant)
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