NBIA-LANL Neutrino Quantum Kinetics in Dense Environments

Auditorium A (Niels Bohr Institute)

Auditorium A

Niels Bohr Institute

Blegdamsvej 17, 2100 København

"Neutrino Quantum Kinetics in Dense Environments" aims to bring together an international group of students, postdocs and senior scientists with expertise in the subject of neutrino quantum kinetics in neutrino-dense environments such as the early universe, core-collapse supernovae and compact binary mergers. 

The workshop will be held in an informal setting to facilitate exchange of ideas and new collaborations in this rapidly evolving subject. Discussions will be centered around the role of non-equilibrium evolution of neutrinos in the context of energy transport, quantum effects, nucleosynthesis, and their phenomenological implications.

The workshop is jointly organized by Niels Bohr International Academy and Los Alamos National Laboratory.  
Mark Paris (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Shanshank Shalgar (NBIA & DARK, Niels Bohr Institute)
Irene Tamborra (NBIA & DARK, Niels Bohr Institute)

NBIA-LANL Neutrino Quantum Kinetics in Dense Environments
  • Alexandra Dobrynina
  • Alexey Vlasenko
  • Amol Patwardhan
  • Anna M. Suliga
  • Baha Balantekin
  • Daniel Blaschke
  • Ermal Rrapaj
  • Evan Grohs
  • Georg Raffelt
  • George Fuller
  • Guenter Sigl
  • Ian Padilla-Gay
  • Irene Tamborra
  • Laurie Walk
  • Luke Johns
  • Manibrata Sen
  • Maria Cristina Volpe
  • Mark Paris
  • Meng-Ru Wu
  • Michael Cervia
  • Oleg Ruchayskiy
  • Rasmus S L Hansen
  • Rohan Kumar
  • Sajad Abbar
  • Sherwood Richers
  • Steen Hannestad
  • Utkarsh Detha
  • Yong-Zhong Qian
  • Zewei Xiong