May 30, 2022 to June 3, 2022
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

Image Credit: J. Samsing


Scope of the Workshop

The overall theme of the workshop will be on topics related to how and where binary black holes can be brought to merge through dynamics, and what the observational signatures are. Topics of particular interest include black hole dynamics in gaseous environments (AGN disks, early gas-rich clusters, etc.) and empty space (stellar clusters, galactic nuclei, etc.), as well as how we can observationally disentangle these possible formation channels apart with current and future instruments (eccentricity, mass, spin, EM emission, etc.). 


Participation and Program

The workshop is limited to invited people only, which we hope will lead to an intense and productive time with few talks, but plenty of time to work, collaborate, and enjoy the beautiful areas surrounding the Niels Bohr Institute.


Venue and Organizational Aspects

The workshop will take place in the historic Auditorium A at the Niels Bohr Institute, Blegdamsvej 17, 2100 Copenhagen.  The Niels Bohr International Academy (NBIA) will provide infrastructure in the form of discussion rooms, as well as light breakfast, daily lunch, and coffee throughout the day. A social dinner for all participants is also planned to take place Tuesday evening. All this is free of charge. Also, there will be no registration fee.



  • Johan Samsing
  • Daniel D'Orazio
  • Bin Liu
  • Martin Pessah


Confirmed Speakers

  • Barry McKernan
  • Manuel Arca Sedda
  • Sambaran Banerjee
  • Bence Kocsis
  • Mark Gieles
  • Erez Michaely
  • Mor Rozner
  • Taeho Ryu
  • Davide Gerosa
  • Nick Loutrel
  • Dong Lai
  • Hagai Perets
  • Abbas Askar
  • Melvyn Davies
  • Matteo Cantiello
  • Amy Secunda
  • Gaia Fabj
  • Hiromichi Tagawa
  • Isobel Romero-Shaw
  • Tjarda Boekholt
  • Taras Panamarev
  • Sanaea Rose
  • Barry Ginat
  • Lieke van Son
  • Alexey Bobrick
  • Saviik Ford
  • Alessandro Trani
  • Itai Linial
  • Simon P. Zwart
  • Luke Kelley
  • Charles Kimball
  • Barak Rom
  • Ely Kovetz
  • Connar Rowan



  • Michelle Westergaard <>


This program is supported by

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Niels Bohr Foundation.

Application for this event is currently open.