Hidden Structures in Field Theory Amplitudes 2009

Auditorium A (Niels Bohr International Academy)

Auditorium A

Niels Bohr International Academy

Blegdamsvej 17 DK-2100 Copenhagen
Rutger Boels (Niels Bohr International Academy)
This was the second small informal workshop at the Niels Bohr International Academy centered on recent developments in amplitude calculations in field theory in a broad sense of the word. The focus was on exchanging ideas about the structural aspects of these and lessons that can be drawn from them. The Niels Bohr International Academy is a part of the Niels Bohr Institute which aims to extend the long tradition of outstanding research in theoretical physics in Copenhagen. See here for the presentations at the workshop. See here for the poster of the workshop. See here for the workshop photo of the participants.

Speakers included

Zvi Bern (UCLA)
James Drummond (LAPTH, Annecy)
David Dunbar (Swansea)
Andrew Hodges (Oxford)
Paul Howe (King's College, University of London)
Gregory Korchemsky (Orsay & Saclay)
David Kosower (Saclay)
Carlos Mafra (AEI, Potsdam)
Poul Olesen (NBIA)
Radu Roiban (Penn State)
Marcus Spradlin (Brown)
Gabriele Travaglini (Queen Mary, University of London)
Pierre Vanhove (IHES & Saclay)
All this in the hope of winning bottles of wine, The winner takes it all (This bottle of wine was presented at the workshop dinner to Zvi Bern by Paul Howe. This settles a bet between them about finiteness of a four loop correction in maximal supergravity.)
  • Andreas Brandhuber
  • Andrew Hodges
  • antonio Bassetto
  • Carlos Mafra
  • Christoph Sieg
  • daniele marmiroli
  • david Dunbar
  • Gabriele Travaglini
  • Gregory Korchemsky
  • Hael Collins
  • Henrik Johansson
  • Igor Batalin
  • James Drummond
  • James Ettle
  • Jeff Greensite
  • Johannes Broedel
  • Johannes Henn
  • John Joseph Carrasco
  • Kasper Jens Larsen
  • Klaus Bering
  • Konstantinos Zoubos
  • Kumar Abhinav
  • Luca Griguolo
  • Marcus Spradlin
  • Mathew Bullimore
  • Nicola Luigi Bragazzi
  • Niels Emil Jannik Bjerrum-Bohr
  • Niels Obers
  • Oluf Tang Engelund
  • orantin nicolas
  • Paul Heslop
  • Paul Howe
  • Pawel Caputa
  • Peter Orland
  • Pierre Vanhove
  • Poul Damgaard
  • Poul Olesen
  • Radu Roiban
  • Rutger Boels
  • Sharaz Butt
  • Thomas Søndergaard
  • Yuri Makeenko