Applications of X-Ray and Neutron Scattering in Biology, Chemistry and Physics


Please note that this is the website for the 2012 course. The 2013 course can be found here.

Applications of X-Ray and Neutron Scattering in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

2012 participants:

Two major research facilities, ESS(neutrons) and MAX-IV(X-rays) are being built in the Øresund region. This course is a chance to be able to take advantage of the opportunities this offers in your future carreer, and also

  • Learn to use characterization methods with a wide range of applications in e.g. biology, materials science, geology, physics and chemistry
  • Explore a possible thesis subject
  • Earn ECTS in your summer vacation (5 ECTS for the basic course or 7.5 ECTS if you write an extra report afterwards)
  • Meet other students from the Øresund region in or outside you field
  • Do experiments at a large scale research facility

Latest updates:
-social events: barbeque night, snacks/beer/soda
-Lunch all days (sandwiches) is sponsored by the course
- time table has been updated Aug. 3rd. Note that you have to be at the Niels Bohr Institue at 9.00 on the first day (all other days start at 9.15).

The course aims to make you able to participate in neutron or X-ray experiments at large scale research facilities. Prior knowledge of scattering is not required, but you must have a B.Sc. in science or technology or equivalent. The course is multi-disciplinary and involves several universities. Teaching locations will therefore vary, but cross-Øresund travel costs will be refunded. The course includes several social events, e.g. dinner and tours of the locations.

The list of teachers includes:
University of Copenhagen
- Kim Lefmann
- Kell Mortensen
- Lise Arleth
- Michael Gajhede
- Heloisa Bordallo
- Marité Cardenas
- Robert Feidenhans'l
- Linda Udby

Lund University
- Peter Schurtenberger
- Tommy Nylander
- Marjolei Thunissen

Technical University of Denmark
- Poul Norby
- Kenny Ståhl
- Pernille Harris
- Erik Mejdal Lauridsen
- Niels Bech Christensen
- Martin Meedom Nielsen

Roskilde University
- Dorthe Posselt
- Bo Jacobsen
- Kristine Niss

- Ferenc Mezai
- Hanna Wacklin

MAX IV laboratory
- Katarina Norén
- Sverker Werin

Maximum number of students: 24

Application to the course follows the individual systems of Lund University, University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark. If you are not a student at one of these universities, you must enrol as a guest student. The deadline for application is June 1st 2012. PhD students will be allowed to enrol in the course if less than 24 master students apply. Please contact Stine Stenfatt West (see below) directly.

Enrolment at KU:
see the course description at: and register via KUnet.
Please note that students from SCIENCE KU must take the 7.5 ECTS version of the course.

Enrolment at LU:
send an e-mail to Tomas Brage (, enclosing your transcript of records.

Enrolment at DTU:
see the course description at: and register via CampusNet.

If you have any questions, please contact Stine Stenfatt West,

The following time table is preliminary. A final program will be available on the first day of the course, where you are expected to show up at the Niels Bohr Institute, Blegdamsvej 19 in Copenhagen (Auditorium A).